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With the extreme popularity of Serial, podcasts are having a moment and it seems like everyone is getting in on the movement. Celebs, reality stars, and even presidential candidates have all joined the podcast community with their version of the rapidly-expanding medium. There are genres to fit every interest ranging from politics, creativity, comedy and even murder. With so many options to choose from, where do you even begin? On my personal journey through this produced conversational entertainment, these are a few of my favorites.


number 2The Basement Yard – Youtuber and comedian, Joe Santagato, shares personal anecdotes and his opinion on the latest topics in popular culture and beyond. Sometimes with guests and sometimes alone, Santagato is unabashedly honest and open, no matter the subject matter. He’s the funny guy, the best friend, and secret crush of every girl in the neighborhood. He drinks, he curses, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Number 2My Favorite Murder – Hosts Karen Kilgarif and Georgia Hardstark explore and discuss the often taboo, yet completely intriguing, subject of murder and death with humor and an anxious flair that resonates with me and the many murderinos alike. For the already paranoid, it scratches the itch to stress out with a bunch of laughs in between. Each week, they tell a separate tale of a murder that tickle their fancy. In this podcast, there is everything — murder, jokes, and inaccurate information.

Number 3 (Long)
Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown Show
– If you, like me, love all things Bravo, you will love this podcast. The hilariously funny Casey Wilson of Happy Endings fame and her co-host Danielle Schneider talk all things Bravo and The Real Housewives. Though it is a housewives-based discussion show, they shamelessly venture into the other Bravo branches that are Southern Charm, Shahs of Sunset and many more. Theses ladies are a mecca for all Bravo-obsessed fans throughout the country and beyond. With Whispering Angel by their sides, Casey, Danielle, and the swinging door of awesome guests dive into the deep well that is Ramona’s crazy eyes, Phaedra’s donkey booty, and Vicki’s latest “boyfriend” drama.


Number 4The Bitch Bible –Host Jackie Schimmel and resident “bitch” is making it her mission and life’s work to make “bitch” as commonplace as Hatha-hate circa 2013. She’s snarky, she’s judgmental, and she’s laugh-out-loud funny. Love pop culture and everything trash TV? Her commentary on The Bachelorette’s Alex and the size, or lack thereof, of his femurs is truly poetic. She has a knack for voicing the opinion you didn’t even know you had.


Number 5Pod Save America – These days, American politics has become just as entertaining as an episode of The Real Housewives. I listen to this podcast because A) I love listening to Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer talk about the monstrosity that is Donald Trump. B) It keeps me up on the latest political news with a humorous spin. And C) Listening to an intellectual podcast gives me the same high as one gets while wearing workout clothes, especially if one has not worked out.


Number 6 (Long)Filler Podcast – Hosts Matt Shore and Harry Hitchens interview creators in film, print, design and more with youthful intelligence and flair that leaves listeners inspired and ready to create their next masterpiece. Sitting in a little coffee shop in London, the conversation with these two flows easily and the interview includes some big names and up-and-comers. Each episode is unique in the fact that every person has their own personal journey to living their life through their passion and finding out what that passion is.

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