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Raw. Vegan. Definitely Not Gross.


Laura Miller has been honest about her personal struggles with depression and exhaustion and through these troubles, she longed to feel a connection her body and the food that she put in it. She first started Sidesaddle Kitchen in San Fransisco selling her raw/vegan desserts at farmer’s markets throughout the city. Establishing herself as a vegan ___, Sidesaddle Kitchen eventually gained her popularity, which led her to a new travel and food video network named Tastemade. On Tastemade, Miller created simple, and easy recipes for an audience to feel better acquainted with vegan foods and explore different vegan recipes they might never have been privy to otherwise. Her most recent venture? A cookbook. This book takes your favorites from lasagna to mac & cheese, and gives them a vegan twist. Keeping to her brand, the recipes are simple and delicious. My favorite? The donuts, of course.


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